About Us
We’re a group of creative thinkers who have built a business to change the world.

We are the team of 30+ high skilled engineers with entrepreneurial experience - thus we understand your business needs and are able to deliver a viable solution.

Our Advantage

MIDAS has extensive experience in various fields of the FinTech sector. For more than 5 years it has delivered the best practices to clients who at most are blockchain projects and DeFi protocols.The list, also, includes cryptocurrency exchanges, dApps, wallets, and p2p-platforms.
Tech Development & Legal services:
- Outsource Software &Hardware development(Blockchain, DeFi, NFT,Mobile apps, marketplaces, etc) - Legal support (legal opinions, company registrations & accounts, licenses, etc) - Technical support
We can do such projects as:
- DeFi app
- NFT marketplace
- GameFi
- Tokens and Crypto Wallets
- Stock exchange
- Decentralized and Centralized Wallets - Auction and exchangers

Our Services

At first, we have an in-depth interview purposed to define your business goals and possible strategies. Then we form a technical description of the solution considering your budget and time restrictions. Finally, we provide clear and transparent track of project development and QA processes.
We deal with web, mobile and software development.
Even before designing a future solution, it is important for us to convey the essence of your business by creating a design that combines attractiveness and usability.
Brandbook development, illustrations, 2d/3d modelling, UX/UI design.
Quality Assurance
The essential part of our projects is connected with Quality Assurance. QA department, the largest team in our company, performs testing of various software, web and mobile applications to bring projects up to standard.
We provide various testing services: from manual up to stress testing and test-driven development
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